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Autumn around the corner, but not yet!

As parents embark on the well worn ritual of preparing their children, young and older, for school to last refrains of summer’s song – here in California, we wait for our Indian Summer. It has been a “normal” summer so far — hot inland and cool on the coast. There are subtle changes – like the marine layer creeping in farther inland than in years before – in fact, I remember when there was at least a 10 degree difference in temperature just by going from San Francisco to across the Bay to Oakland. ¬†This year, San Francisco has kept pace with temperatures in the 70s ¬†— that almost never happened until September!

Still, friends from all over the globe have stopped by – happy faces, fully set to go on with their love affair with California north & south. We just give them the keys to the house; a good GPS route – they get into their Zipcars and they are off to adventure & beauty!


A good breakfast to start


A destination


A companion for the road trip


Oops, a companion redux


On the way


Park the car


Gadding about


Great place to stroll


The view


The real view


Dusk coming


Stopover on the way back


Out of the heat


Great way to end the day

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It’s Summer, It’s Autumn…

IMG_3793Summer has finally come and it’s just as well, because stores are putting out their Halloween merchandise!

But there is still time to enjoy the beautiful foilage and wear summer whites!

Before you know it, pumpkins will be replaced with turkeys.

Some of the highlights so far:

Coming up …Labor Day! But that doesn’t mean the end of summer in California, we’ve got a ways to go..